2020 "Melting" LP


"Clever and intriguing, their sonic stylings and distinct trademark musical underpinnings continue to see this band remain at the forefront of the postpunk and shoegaze genres."

"Quite simply an extraordinary release in a run of extraordinary releases."
The Swindonian 09.24.20

"A Shoreline Dream sounds like a band out of time, drowning in reverb-drenched guitars and vocals,
head-tripping into walls of sound and wonderment"


Limited Edition Vinyl

Help us reach the goal of turning our latest album into our first Vinyl release yet!
It's coming to the final days of it's crowd-funding via digger's factory and we could use your help making this dream a reality!


Limited Edition CD

Limited run of the 2020 album "Melting" in Compact Disc format. Total run of 100.


Video Premiere - "Seek to Hide"

The lead single from the "Melting" LP is now in video format via latenight weeknight. Subscribe to the channel to see more...

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a shoreline dream is RYAN POLICKY & ERIK JEFFRIES.