2022 "Loveblind" LP


"Perfectly captures the liminal state of mind that hums as the ocean of the subconscious subsides & slowly, eyes regain their focus for the day's waking hours"
POST-PUNK 08.17.22

"Waves of sonic intrigue and haze sweep the track which bears an eighties post punk dexterity to its manipulation”
@RingMasterReview 08.25.22

"A Shoreline Dream sounds like a band out of time, drowning in reverb-drenched guitars and vocals,
head-tripping into walls of sound and wonderment"

"Think My Bloody Valentine as remixed by Brian Eno, but different. Very, very nice."
Allmusic 2006

"A Sonic upheaval of imaginations run rampant through white soundscapes and crash cymbals"


Pre-Order "Loveblind" direct from Bandcamp

Debut single "Alarms Stop Ringing" now streaming


Video Premiere - "Alarms Stop Ringing"

The lead single from the "Loveblind" LP has been premiered at post-punk.com!

Limited Edition Vinyl! - "Avoiding the Consequences"

Re-issue / Limited Time Pre-Order of the out of print, critically acclaimed debut album from Denver Shoegaze legends A Shoreline Dream on vinyl for the first time ever in a 2 record package! Limited to 200 total copies, and the first LP by the band to be distributed on vinyl. Featuring walls of sound lost in a deep blue sea, with 13 ground-breaking tracks lauded by press and fans alike, including "Love is a Ghost in America", "Saturday Morning" and "Zoning".

Colored Exclusive Re-Issue Vinyl! - "Recollections of Memory"

LP re-issue now available for pre-order! "Recollections of Memory" in glorious beige colored creamy vinyl!! An album we co-produced with electro mastermind Ulrich Schnauss which was mixed by Mark Kramer of Shimmy-Disc (of Urge Overkill, Ween, Butthole Surfers fame). Only 100 of these will be made so get one before they are gone for good!

Nautical Logo T-Shirts

Snag a T-Shirt of one of the bands favorite logo designs from Michael Scarano. Offered on 3 colors! Get one now while they are still available. CLICK HERE!

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