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coastal - a shoreline dream

updated: 10/09/07 - Bio Revisions


available july 31, 2007, © 2007 latenight weeknight records

  band bio
  A Shoreline Dream is an alternative rock band based out of Denver, Colorado, comprised of

Ryan Policky
(Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards)
Erik Jeffries (Guitar)
Enoc Torraca (Bass)
Jennifer Elizabeth Burns (Drums)

They are a concept driven band taking the Do-It-Yourself approach full force, setting up the label on their own (latenight weeknight records) and handling distro internally. Slowly but surely they are gaining an international fanbase, with producers Ulrich Schnauss and Kramer of Ween fame among others fully behind them. They can be best described as a band bridging the gap between post-rock and shoegaze with their ambient landscapes, vocals chanting through a radio at the bottom of a well, and one-take room recordings. The band has received many critically acclaimed reviews based on their unique ability to draw people into a trance with landscapes of sound while retaining a strong melodic and unique vocal delivery.

In the Fall of 2006, a shoreline dream released their debut album "avoiding the consequences" with a full scale attack, garnering the band attention on several samplers for Landmark Theatres, Urban Outfitters, The Sundance Film Festival, Paste Magazine among others. Critics from Filter Magazine, Paste Magazine, XLR8R, Skyscraper, and Westword gave the band very high marks.

The band released the EP "Coastal" in July of 2007, which has landed them spots on samplers for Vice Magazine, Paste Magazine, XLR8R, Landmark Theatres and Urban Outfitters. In September of 2007 the band toured with INNAWAY, and they are currently working on their second full length album, due to be released in 2008.
  2007 Tour with Innaway
  *Sep. 5, 2007 - Roxy Theatre "Revenge of the Sunset Strip" - Los Angeles, California 90069
  Sep. 8, 2007 - La Cave- 1695 Irvine Ave, Costa Mesa, California 92627
  Sep. 11, 2007 - Hemlock Tavern - 1131 Polk St San Francisco, California 94109
  Sep. 12, 2007 - The Tonic Lounge - 3100 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97212
  Sep. 13, 2007 - Comet Tavern - 922 E Pike St, Seattle, Washington 98122
  Sep. 14, 2007 - Neurolux - 113 N 11th St, Boise, Idaho 83702
  Sep. 15, 2007 - Hi Dive - 7 south broadway, Denver, Colorado 80209
  *Show Presented by Filter Magazine - NOT WITH INNAWAY!
  album art
"COASTAL" cover images
coastal - a shoreline dream
coastal - a shoreline dream

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a shoreline dream
a shoreline dream 2007
a shoreline dream 2007
a shoreline dream a shoreline dream
a shoreline dream before jen

coastal - a shoreline dream
coastal - a shoreline dream
love is a ghost in america - live footage - january 2007

"COASTAL" reviews

"Listening to the EP's four tracks, and even some of their older tracks, it would be easy to pencil ASD as just another one of those American bands influenced by the predominately British shoegaze scene that peaked in the 1990s. But their sound deserves more than simple comparisons to Slowdive, Ride, or other stars of that movement. "New York" definitely has its Slowdive moments, but there are also traces of The Cure in "Aftershocking," and the loud moments of the EP, especially the moderate rocker "Ukraine," sounds somewhat like Mogwai in a shoegaze phase. Other soundscapes evoke comparisons to bands as varied as Sigur Ros, Trent Reznor, and Placebo."

"Denver-based band A Shoreline Dream knows its way around Slowdive's back catalog. Taken from the forthcoming Coastal EP, "New York" will have shoegazers on their knees."
"Sparkling like effervescent waves that lap with the constant pull of the tide, A Shoreline Dream drenches listeners in several shades of hazy bliss. Distorted guitars spin webs of droning ambiance while simultaneously suspending walls of cymbals such that it feels like any moment, it could all spill down in cacophonous splendor. But what a remarkable sound it would make.

Coastal, the band's latest EP, revels in the indistinct vocals and swirling guitars born of early '90s pedal-pushers (when it manages to gravitate back to the Earth's surface); the effect is blurred transcendence. In only three songs (four if you count the "found sound" track "The Barrier") A Shoreline Dream makes a solid case for the existence of yet another effects-heavy rock outfit."

"A Shoreline Dream is a unique musical experience. Their songs exhibit a unique ability to draw listeners into the dark landscapes of the mind, with Coastal being a fine addition to their collection of nightmares and dreams."
Lost at Sea Magazine

"avoiding the consequences" reviews - released 9/19/06

". . . the dreamy, moody atmosphere of this album firmly establishes the band as heirs apparent of acts Sigur Rós, Slowdive and M83. Songs like "Love Is a Ghost in America," which recalls Kevin Shields's sleepy yet gently moving work for Lost in Translation, drift in like warm, spectral winds in places untainted by recent human presence. Elsewhere, "Zoning" whispers softly before hypnotically soaring into the neglected regions of the imagination. Throughout the album, inspiring vistas of melody and electronically generated sound are flawlessly melded with expertly nuanced rhythms. Easily on the same level of musical sophistication as their influences, the members of A Shoreline Dream prove that their vision is one worth sharing."
Westword's BEST OF DENVER 2007 - "Best Neo Shoegaze Album"

"This Denver quartet has created a true Mile High high on their debut release consisting of tranquil, melodic psych with post-rock druthers. Singer-guitarist Ryan Policky sounds as if he's singing from the bottom of a well. Avoiding the Consequences uses precisely layered drones and Policky's stellar production to create the sonic equivalent of an aurora borealis." - "20 GREAT ALBUMS YOU DIDN'T HEAR IN 2006"

"I'm sure we'd all like to avoid the consequences of our actions. But we can't. And A Shoreline Dream doesn't avoid anything on this dynamic and engaging release."
Paste Magazine, November 2006

"85% - A Shoreline Dream might be one of the most aptly named bands to emerge from the musical seascape this year. Their debut LP, reminiscent of Sigur Rós meets Placebo, sweeps high and low with the lunar guidance of a tidal somnambulant. As with the changing levels of the ocean, a potential to be drowned lurks behind every moment of tepid wading. But as with individual waves, the particulars of each track are overrun by the vastness of the sea itself."
Filter Magazine, October 2006
"a complicated brand of sorcery that spooks and rattles as songs smear themselves all over the record in an experience that never truly ends."
XLR8R Magazine, October 2006
"A Shoreline Dream is a sonic upheaval of imaginations run rampant through white soundscapes and crash cymbals."
Westword, May 2006
"This little known Colorado band has produced an appealing, atmospheric dream-rock album. . . An involving entry into the reborn shoegaze genre."
Skyscraper Magazine, December 2006

"A Shoreline Dream has succeeded in creating a dazzling and ethereal first full-length album. Anyone who is a fan of the post-prog rock, shoegazer or trip-hop school of sound should love this album with all their tender little heart.", October 2006

  summer '07 marketing highlights
  XLR8R - INCITE Sampler - "NEW YORK" - 20,000 copies - JUNE/JULY
  XLR8R - Podcast - "NEW YORK" & "UKRAINE" - JUNE/JULY
  XLR8R - Magazine - 1/2 Page AD - 100,000 copies - JUNE/JULY
  FILTER - Magazine - 1/2 Page AD - 100,000 copies - JULY
  Paste - Magazine (5th Year Anniversary) - Sampler - "UKRAINE" - 300,000 copies - JULY
  VICE - Magazine - "New York" - 20,000 copies - AUG.
  Planetary Group - New Media & Radio Campaign - JULY - SEPT.